Dying of Thirst: 7 Ways to Increase your Water Intake in Residency


          Kendrick said it best.  True, in another context, but no one dies of thirst more than the resident.  Long hours, no time to eat or drink, no time to pee.  No one to relieve us for lunch.  How the heck are we supposed to stay hydrated?!

          Welp, I'm here to help my friend.  Recently I started Accutane for my acne and my skin has been steaming for water.  Below are some tips on how I forced myself to stay hydrated!

          If you're a resident, you already know the benefits of water.  


          One of the benefits I fall slave to is clearer skin.  With so much stress in our lives, we need that good ole H2O to keep our skin from looking like crunchy peanut butter and possibly scaring our patients and their children when we walk in a room.  

          Like how a manicurist usually has chipped nails, it's natural for doctors to neglect their health and hydration status, mainly secondary to those long days and crazy nights.

          So I figured out a fail proof system of me getting more than my usual two sips of water per day as a resident.  I figured out that the trick was to do it while I wasn't working.  As simple as that sounds.... it ain't simple; otherwise, we would all do it! If you want your PO intake of water per day to be more than only the saliva you swallow, then keep reading!  

1. Finish a whole bottle of water on your way to work.  

2. Finish a whole bottle of water before rounds / morning conference / your first surgery

3. Drink water with your lunch....if you ever get to have one.

4. Carry your water bottle in your white coat pocket.  

5. Replace a bad habit with taking a sip of water.  For example, I struggled with self-esteem for most of my residency; so when I would have a negative thought about myself, I took a sip of water.  Let's just say, my bladder was never on "E." 

6. Finish a whole bottle of water on your way back home.   

7. Work out! IDK about you but my water game is kicked up a notch when I'm sweating it out!

          Hope this helps you up your H2O intake! And don't worry; that whole "My bladder is always full but I'm a resident and don't have time to use the bathroom" issue practically solves itself.  Don't worry, you'll find a way 😉.