Forget the Signs: Acting BEFORE the Signs Come

         Have you heard that if you feel thirsty then your body is already too far gone from being hydrated? The same way you should stay hydrated throughout the day before you feel thirsty is the same principle I take with me in caring for my hair.

         I personally don't like waiting until my hair is breaking to give myself a protein treatment; by then so much hair has broken off. I don't want to wait until my hair is dry to give it moisture; by then so much hair has been damaged. I don't like waiting until my hair is tangling to trim my ends, by then so much of my hair has formed fairy knots and has cause increased shedding, tangling with the good strands and causing more unnecessary breakage, etc.

         If you wait for the signs that your hair needs help, you might have already waited too long. I like putting myself on a regimen. For example, I know that about every 3 months my hair needs protein and about every 4-5 months, I'll need a trim (I know these things from experience from me waiting too long in the past). Therefore, I ensure that I'm doing my protein treatment every 3 months and trimming about every 4 months BEFORE I see the aforementioned signs that I need to. It makes wash day simpler, and saves me some strands.

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