Crossing the "Pick-It" Line: 3 Ways to Get Volume Other than Picking

          I get a lot of questions on if I pick my hair, and the answer is always, "NO WAY!" The reasons are simple: 

1. This causes increased tangling at my roots, and during my wash days after I pick, my detangling sessions are always longer, and I always have more breakage from increased detangling!

2. This is increased manipulation of my hair, which causes it to break, and this might be the same for you too. 

3. You may be picking too hard, another reason for possible breakage at the root, thereby stunting your growth and thickness! 

          I have only picked my hair twice in my life, and let me tell you, the detangling and breakage was unparalleled; if you are struggling with seeing growth, try putting the Afro pick down! If you want to see more volume, try one of the following: 

1. Try separating your strands more when taking your style down from your twist/braid/bantu-knot out.  Just make sure you separate carefully or you may lose definition!

2. Try experimenting with Bobby pins. Let you hair dry with the pins in at the roots, or use bobby pins to hide in your roots to give volume!

3. Fluff your roots with your fingers! You'll be able to feel for tangles more and can avoid snagging your hair!

          In the natural community we always try to implement what we think is right and try to imitate what we think is beautiful. Please know that picking isn't for everyone! It certainly isn't for me, it may or may not be for you too! That's why I'm crossing the line of "you must pick your hair for it to be large and voluminous" onto the other side! Remember, these are just suggestions, they are not hard and fast, and you may end up sticking with the pick, and that's totally cool too! I'm only here to provide "thinking outside of the box" ways for others where picking isn't the best option! Take care peeps.  :)