Healthy Eats: My Top 20 Favorite Healthy Restaurants

Listen, I know busy schedule can put a dent in one’s plans to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we just need a ready-made meal in 15 mins or less; whether it’s by drive-thru, delivery service, or the to-go line. Believe me, I’ve been there babe. But let’s also remember that the burgers, shakes, fries, friedchicken, and all things alike will only make your life more busier in the future: either by more frequent gym trips because you can’t get your body right, or more frequent doctor trips because now you have a chronic disease. Yes, no matter how busy we all get, we MUST remember the 80-20 rule: 80% healthy/clean diet and 20% cheating. (Feel free to tip the scales toward eating clean though lol). With that said, I know restaurants can over-season and over-saturate their food with grease and salt; but you can stick to healthier options on every menu. But if sitting in Wendy’s drive thru for a salad is not your style, below are the restaurants that have helped me stay on the healthy track through med school and residency. Enjoy!

1. Whole Foods Hot Bar

2. Panera

3. Hungry’s

4. La Madeleine

5. Escalante’s

6. Cafe Express

7. Chipotle


8. Jason’s Deli

9. Salata


10. Local Foods


11. True Foods


12. Snap Kitchen


13. Corner Bakery

14. Adair Kitchen


15. Dish Society

16. Central Market


17. Freshii

18. Sweetgreen


19. Founding Farmer’s

20. Bellagreen

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