Outside of My Scrubs: Ways to Dress Up a Track Suit


I have always been fan of a straightforward white tee and jeans, and dressing it up. It comes in handy for quick fixes to last minute get-togethers and when I’m too fatigued to put together an actual fit. Well, it’s the same with a track suit. A solid color track suit will always be easy to throw on for a last minute event while still remaining comfy. A bright and vibrant colored track suit can also put an interesting spin to your outing, as I’m sure it will draw stares and assumptions that you actually tried.


Well, last weekend I wanted to go finally see a movie with the small remnant of time I had off, but I needed something warm since America is freezing over thanks to global “waming” (thanks Trump 🙄), and quick, since this was a last minute trip. I knew this track suit from House of Chic LA would be perf.

Here are the ways I chose to dress it up, and how you can too:

1. Put on a brooch

Fan or not, a brooch adds class to absolutely anything plain Jane.


2. Add Frills and Flare

Once again, this another acquired taste, but super unique pieces with fringe, little frillies, or popping designs will turn any super simple piece into fashion forward. I had a hard time choosing between these black and gold mules and my fringed burgundy mules, but in the end, I chose to rock with the latter, since I never get any wear out of them, and since I had a purse to match.


3. Add a pop of bold color

Now banana yellow and burgundy aren’t my favorite colors to pair together. I mean, it reminds me of a sucky high school color theme. But it’s also pretty reminiscent of Gryffindor, so, hello? Win. Adding pops of bold color (especially when it’s two or three pieces all of the same color), equals an instant win in quidditch.


4. Slim it down

I was skeptical, but a monotone and slim heel and purse can pretty much class up any track suit.

Thought I’d end on a goofy note 😂. Walk it out folks! ✌🏾

Outfit Details

Track Suit: House of Chic LA (Click here)

Brooch: Banana Republic

Black and Gold Mules: Schutz Shoes (Click here) (THEY ARE HAVING A SALE… 70% OFF!!!)

Fringe Burgundy Mules: Schutz Shoes (Click here) (THEY ARE HAVING A SALE… 60% OFF!!!)

Fringe Burgundy Purse: Zara (purchased years ago)

Heels: Miss Lola (Click here for similar)

YSL Purse: Rebag (Click here for options)

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