Outside of My Scrubs: How to Break a Set


We've all had that moment.  Buying that one outfit online, only to be quite disappointed once it was in our possession.  Maybe it didn't hug our hips quite right, maybe you were frumpy, maybe it boxed out your figure.  Either way, sometimes boxing it back up and shipping it far far away from you closet can be more work... and painful... than just... making it work.  Below is a set I fell in love with online, but was quite unimpressed once I put it on.  How to break a set below!


1. Separate…What We Gotta Do

Who just sang this song in their head?! 🙋🏽‍♀️ Start by separating the pieces. Sometimes if we associate the items together then we begin to think our only option to pairing one of the pieces is either the other piece itself, or something very similar to the other piece. For example, after a while with this set, I would begin to think I could only pair the top with another pair of high paper bag waisted pants, and that I could only pair the pants with a button up, cold shoulder, and mid-rif top. Making them individualized pieces will pull you out of being chained to this.


2. Break All the Rules

Let’s be honest, I thought this yellow turban and green pants and orange pin would be too much, but having fun and going out on the edge can pull an outfit together like that! Don’t be afraid to mix different colors and patterns! BTW, I had to eventually say, “Buh-bye” to the turban, of course my hair poofed up and out of control. Natural gals, you know what I’m talkin’ bout!


3. Put Your Hair Up, Up… and Away!

When you bring your hair up and out of the way, you have more room to wear bigger earrings or a bigger necklace, which means the less you’ll have to dress up the actual separated piece. A simple white tee, tank, halter top, tube top, or white pants along with the bling will suffice and is effortless! No gaudy jewelry with this outfit on me but this is something you should keep in mind!


Happy mixing and matching! 😘


Outfit Details

Set: House of Chic LA (Buy here)

Chanel Bag: Rebag.com

Strappy Heels: MissLola.com

Boyfriend Jeans: FashionNova.com

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