Just Kick It: My Favorite Clinic Kicks


          It't not too often when you can get dressed up at work, especially if you are in a surgical specialty like OBGYN, because you're always in scrubs.  The only time you can even DREAM of even having a sense of self is in the clinic.  What's even more frustrating is that on some rotations, even while you're in clinic, you could get called for a consult that needs emergent, or you're scheduled to be on call after clinic, so you're once again confined to the "comfort" of scrubs.  Now don't get me wrong, some residents love scrubs.  I am on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I'm confined to chunky clogs and my necklaces to express some sort of individuality in this world of algorithms of treatment and streamlined surgical methods and order.  So on the off chance in clinic when I get to break.... I BREAK! Here are some of the clinic shoes I wear, that fit into both realms of comfort and chic.  



Marc Fisher Talley Flats


You can find a link to buy these in black on the product wheel below!

Nine West Double Strap Closed Toe Heels

IMG_2842 2.JPG

          Yes my dogs chewed these heels, no I don't care, yes I still wear them.  No direct links to find these since I bought them a long ago, but similar options listed below on the product wheel!

Alfani Step 'N Flex Bow Tie Flats

IMG_2839 2.JPG

          The epitome of class.  Sorry no direct links to this one either, but VER SIMILAR and UNIQUE and CHEAP pieces listed below on the product wheel!


Schutz Leopard Heels

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.16.25 AM.png

          I know, they look uncomfortable, but these are surprisingly comfortable.  It's at least enough to get you through a hard day of clinic.  Click here to buy; there's also a link with a cheaper price below on the product wheel!


Schutz Mules

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.46.25 AM.png
IMG_2834 2.JPG

          You're not supposed to wear your toes or heels out in clinic...and as an OBGYN, you run the risk of stepping in some pretty.....uhhh.... "unique" bodily fluids but... YOLO! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Click here to buy.  Go a half size up in these!

          Here is a screen shot of all the shoes you can find on the product wheel below.  If you see any you like, be sure to scroll until you see them and click away!


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