Outside of My Scrubs: It Ain't All Roses


          Life man.... I tell you.  It gets harder and harder.  

          Now I don't want anyone to think that my woes or worries in life are strictly limited to those stated here in this post, but this day....it really tried my patience.  I mean, cue  🎶 "Don't Take It Personal" 🎶 by Monica.  

          I had the PERFECT outfit ready.  I was so excited to show you all my new pieces and how the whole fit just put meaning into the word, "fly." 


          But that just didn't happen.  

          I had the perfect new necklace that I had purchased from Nordstrom's Annual Sale.  But, it BROKE while I was getting ready to wear it for the first time!

          To add fuel to the fire, my hair wasn't dry from a first day wash and go...of course.  Wishing for my hair to be dry only 24 hours after washing? #HoopDreams man.  It was all over the place.  

          My hair kept blowing in my face.  "Let's put it in a bun," I said.  Wrong decision.  Somehow I had what looked like a flat top with that damn bun.  


          My make up sucked, I felt fat, I didn't like the photos.  

          I was having flashbacks to that dreaded photoshoot with the following outfit, and you all were like, "What?! I love it!"

          We all have those days.  Luckily, I had a mustard scarf in my car...randomly.  I threw it on in a desperate attempt to make this shoot a success.  


          It was lop-sided, It wasn't positioned correctly in the back, it was uneven.  But somehow, I ended up loving the photos with the head wrap more than any of the others.  Head wraps always save the day for me, and this was just a testament to that theory.  They are so Afro-chic, and ya can't go wrong with that! This head wrap was from Wrap Queens in New York.  Check them out; it's black owned and awesome selection to choose from!


          All in all, I learned once more that life isn't perfect, but never to let 'em see you sweat (although my photographer @Sweenshots and his wife @Shaymone were def observing me having a meltdown 😂).

          This fit means more than an "ok" get up for me, it showed me that I still have the creative potential to turn a crappy situation towards a more meaningful and worthwhile direction.  I hope you all receive this revelation in more ways than in just your wardrobe choices or the days your body just doesn't look or feel right.  I hope you receive it at your work, with your family and friends, or during "Just one of those days." ✌🏾

Outfit Details

Shirt: Forever 21 (bought several years ago)

Pants: BCBG Maxazria

Belt: TopShop, on clearance for $7

Purse: Yves Saint Laurent at Saks Fifth Avenue (no good deals on Rebag.com 😔)

Shoes: Schutz (Buy 👉🏾 here)


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