Outside of My Scrubs: Goodbye to Winter... Finally


          I must say, I was a little disappointed with "spring" this year.  I've always fared more towards bathing suits, sun hats, shades, and any other accessory that compliments the sun and a heat index to no less than 110 degrees.  However, I will be honest, the winter garb steals my heart.  I mean my life thrives when I see winter fashion shows, especially from my faves, Balmain, Emilio Pucci, and Les Copaines.  But that's about it.  I like LOOKING and WEARING winter clothes; not a fan of the actual weather that comes with it.  So it was no wonder that I bought this jacket without even checking the price tag 🙄; I loved the look of it, and didn't think twice about where I was actually going to wear it in hot-as-the-dickens Houston.  


          But turns out I was in luck; 'cause when Spring 2018 came around, it seemed more than confused.  Raining with cold breezes one week, then boob sweat out the wazoo from sweltering heat the next.  So when I bought this super unique and chic jacket from chicwish.com, I was expecting to at least have some wear out of it, even if only for a quick week.  Of course, I came to find out a day later after it arrived at my doorstep that this Houston heat wanted to show up and show out.  But only instead of the expected winter wonderland breaks in between, it lasted.....FOREVA!.  


          So I wore it for a night out when it was more breezy, my only chance at luck (and yes, I know the pics were taken during the day lol; I take my pics at a separate time when I'm off of work).  


          So even though my extremely confusing and bipolar spring season is essentially over, I know some of my northerners may not have the same luck.  So I decided to share.  


          I love a good fashion jacket, because I can pretty much wear pajamas with heels and still look put together.  For a casual day out, I paired a dress tank and girlfriend jeans with this statement fashion jacket and clutch.  


         I loved how the jacket made a seamless transition from a smooth knit to posh faux fur halfway down.  

          Even if there isn't a breeze in sight for the day, this is still a great transition outfit from this winter-wannabe-spring to summer.  I would probably opt out of wearing jeans, and just pair the jacket with a breathable midi dress or skirt.  


          Anyway, let me know what you guys think of the fit and of this confusing a** spring but-we-might-as-well-call-it-winter we had!

Outfit Details

Jacket: Chic Wish (click here)

Tank: Zara

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Belt: A'gaci

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Ebay baby!)

Color Blocked Clutch: Zara


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