Outside of My Scrubs: When Life Gives You Lemons...


          Is there anything worse than receiving a package for a long-awaited and anticipated clothing item and then to only find out that it's the wrong size, the wrong fit, or just not as it seems?

          Let me help you with this riddle.  The answer is, "Yes."


          Soooo... I got this dress in the mail from one of my favorite black owned businesses, House of Chic.  And I mean, if you have eyes, you can see it's to die for.  

          Welp that's exactly what happened.  I was so excited when I received it; it was the perfect size, the perfect fit, the fabric was crisp and clean.  But only to find out, this ish had a 7-8 inch hole in it!

          I .... DIED!!!

          I'm there with ya Michelle...I almost had the same reaction to when Trump won; except, you know, I wasn't vomiting or anything.

          And I'm not talking about one of those cute holes you see in Free People's clothing, perfectly placed at the heart of your lower back to show off your back dimples, or at the décolleté to show off a perfectly highlighted collarbone.  This ish was showing off my xyphoid process and umbilicus at the same time! (Whaddup to my anatomy peeps ✌🏾).  


          The owners were so awesome: they immediately offered to replace it without charge.  But I'll be honest: I'm super lazy with returns, and I kind of didn't want to part ways with it.  So, I vowed to get it tailored.  Of course, with the advent of my second year of residency trying to kill me, this vow turned into a one-year long promise, and I just got it tailored this past March!

          (P.S.I didn't take a photo of the original hole because I wasn't expecting what happened next to actually happen).


          Of course to repair the tear, the seamstress had to tailor the waist.  So it was about 2-3 inches tighter at the waist.  I mean the waist was now a waist trainer, a corset, a god damn tourniquet if you will! 






          Now I know I look like a prepubescent teen in my photos, but I'm actually a 32-D/DD - 25 - 38.5.  So you can see where the issue of actually PUTTING ON THE DRESS came in.  How was I supposed to actually get this Polly Pocket sized dress over this bush I call hair, or my boobs and butt?!


          So ya girl got creative.  I wanded my hair...boom! Half the battle is done if my hair is in a straighter style, right? But a breast/ass reduction was out of the window, so slipping the dress on actually created another hole.  But I wasn't done yet...yep, I'm pretty relentless (how else do you think I made it through med school?)

          Luckily the new hole was in the center of the dress right at the waist, and was only about 1 cm, so I was in luck.  

          I used one of my favorite belts to cover the hole...I win...which means everyone wins.  

Can you spot the hole? 😂 Talk about ruining a photo!  Now you see the hole....

Can you spot the hole? 😂 Talk about ruining a photo!

Now you see the hole....

....and now you don't!

....and now you don't!

          It worked out perfectly 'cause spring was right around the corner, (so the white dress was a shoo in); but the way the weather was acting that day, the deep navy blue and burgundy in the belt was perfect for the remaining chill in the air.  

          Anyways, call me Mikaila Ulmer 'cause the lemonade I made out of this situation was almost as sweet as hers.  Beyonce would be proud. :) 


          I hope this inspires you to get creative with your threads if they ever present themselves as less than perfect.   Life ain't perfect, and your outfit certainly doesn't have to be either for you to be fab! Happy slaying 😉.  



Outfit Details

Dress: House of Chic

Belt: Top Shop

Purse: London Dune via ASOS

Puff Charm: A'gaci

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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