Outside of My Scrubs: Birds of a Feather, Flock Together


Sooooooo, one of the things that I’m loving about myself is how extra I can be, while still sups laid back, (P.S.: All the cool kids are saying, “sups,” instead of “super.” You’re welcome).

I was absolutely in LOVE with this top from Mixed Emotions Boutique that I bought about 1 year ago. But, I actually never wore it, until like…now.

I mean, that’s the trademark of being a fashion head right? Falling in love with an outfit, then being satisfied after you can claim ownership, but then having it fall to the back of your closet.


Coming from a past where I could never afford to have nice clothes or clothes of my style, I’ve noticed Ive been doing this quite a bit, probably from a place of overcompensation from what I missed out on previously. So, one of the things that I’ve been doing lately is color blocking my IG page.

I’ve noticed that by forcing myself to only post pictures with the color that I’m featuring in that moment, I pretty much HAVE to wear that color. That means hunting through my closet (which is also color blocked), for something of that color, and likely something I haven’t adorned myself in for some time, or at all.


Well well well, it was green last week, so I had to look in the green section of my closet for something to wear to the housewarming for my beautiful friend, Tamika.

I didn’t want to be too overdressed, so I paired it with some boyfriend jeans, which were WAY TOO BIG in the waist, so I had to pair it with a belt.


There was something so funky yet fun and liberating about incorporating another animal print with feathers, so I chose a leather cheetah print belt to go with it.

Luckily, I had the shoes to match.


I’m sold, animal prints and feathers go together….. I’m a genius.


Hope y’all have a great weekend, and can pull out an old piece from your closet and fall in love with it all over again like I did! ✌🏾


Outfit Details

Shirt: Mixed Emotions Boutique (click here)

Belt: Banana Republic

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Schutz Shoes

Bag: Rebag.com

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