Outside of My Scrubs: Someone Is Going to See This Damn Outfit


No time for a long ditty…. I just want y’all to see this fit.

LOL, just kidding. It won’t be long, but I did want to be more transparent about my life not being so straightforward and perfect (as I mentioned in my previous blog posts). Of course this requires people to READ, so this goal, albeit birthed from good intentions, might be missed in this world of speedy scrolling and skimmed captions.

Basically, I had a Halloween party to attend for my residency class. I originally wanted to ban with my other half and go as Will and Lisa from our all-time favorite show, Fresh Prince.


But of course, what would residency be if it didn’t ruin everything? He ended up being on call, so I was left solo dolo, and a little barren from the spirit of spooking.

So I decided to just go in an orange dress. Sorry, not enough energy to try after one idea fails now-a-days LOL.


I bought this cute number from Naked Wardrobe, and I had the perfect white overcoat to contrast the fit, so that was about as much effort as I had.


Long story short, I was post call, waited for an hour in the cold and rain to vote, had to help mi madre with some chores around the house, and got stuck in LITERALLY 2 hours of traffic where I basically counted the number of leaves on a tree next my car. By the time I got home, it was 9.

But when hell else am I going to wear an orange outfit?! So, after all THAT, y’all gon see this damn outfit! LOL


Guess I can save it for a fall outfit, huh? What do you guys think?

Outfit Details

Orange Two Piece Skirt Set: Naked Wardrobe (click here)

White Faux Fur Overcoat: Chic Wish (click here or here for similar)

Clutch: Asos / Dune London (sold out)

Shoes: Schutz (click here for similar)

Solid Gold Bangle Bracelet: Madewell (click here)

Flower Cuff Bracelet: Madewell (click here)

Stack Ring: Madewell (click here)

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