Outside of My Scrubs: Salvage the Style...and Repeat


Y’all remember when I posted this photo, like, a year ago?


I wore it to a brunch with my beautiful soror/resident friends (I mean, my program has ALL the AKAs…sheesh) #BlackGirlMagic.

But nonetheless, I have been in love with this dress since I first laid eyes on it years ago; so much that I bought it in another color.


Memba dat? #Memberberries Lol


Anyway, one of the things I’m big on is reusing what I already have to come up with a brunch/church/out-and-about look for the weekend, if I happen to have a day off. 😣 In this present day world of heavy IG posts, one could easily get lost in the whole Hilary Banks, “I don’t wear anything more than once” persona.


Nah breh ✋🏾I own everything in the same color, and still own a good chunk of most of clothes from my “blossoming age” (AKA my broke and humbling college years).

I am a HUGE supporter of recycling clothing items and have no problem seeing myself twice every once in a while, and I hope y’all aren’t either!


Here’s two looks of me recycling this dress. I originally just paired the dress with a classic black leather jacket. But when I walked outside, the weather was like…nah girl, let’s find something warmer. So I paired it with a long black trench coat, a straw hat (totes out of my comfort zone, but hey, I spent money on it so 🤷🏽‍♀️), and one of my favorite pashmina scarves (I mean, you see I’m wearing it in the original photo on my head, right? 😆).


Hope you salvage an old style in the back of your closet soon! Happy recycling!


Outfit Details

Dress: House of Chic (bought a LONG time ago; sold out)

Leather Jacket: Zara (bought a LONG time ago; sold out)

Necklace: Aldo Accessories (bought a LONG time ago; sold out)

Bag: Rebag.com (recycled/refurbished from another buyer! Click here)

Shoes: Schutz Shoes

Hat: Bebe (bought a LONG time ago; sold out)

Scarf: Pashmina Scarves Kiosk in DC (bought a LONG time ago; sold out)

Belt: Topshop (bought on clearance; sold out)

Trench Coat: Zara (bought a LONG time ago; sold out)

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