Outside of My Scrubs: Winter is Coming


Y’all know I had to say it….


I actually don’t know the first damn thing about Game of Thrones, but I just turned 30 so I will now initiate the same practices as all 40+ year old parents: reciting common phrases amongst the teensies and having no idea what the F they mean.

But anyways, this fall/winter season, I have been raving about just being super casual and layering with a hoodie and fashion coat paired with an over the knee boot and designer bag. Who else is feeling this??? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Here’s some more street style that caught my eye on this look.


It’s nothing new, but it’s certainly more casual to my flare, so I’ll def be sporting more of this this season. Headed to Walmart and cheap outlets to stock up on multiple hoodies this weekend! Also, I’m fully aware Houston will never get this cold 😉. But let’s have fun eh?


And you all know of my obsession with brooches, so feel free to snazz it up a bit with some shoulder bling!

Happy chilly season!

Outfit Details

Hoodie: FashionNova.com

Fashion Coat: Banana Republic

Tights: FashionNova.com

Boots: Agaci

Purse: Saks Fifth Avenue

Brooch: Zara

Watch: Aldo

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