Outside of My Scrubs: Stepping Outside the Box


          I know you're going to find this hard to find, but I actually don't like load and vibrant prints. I slightly feel like that's a lie, but whatevsss I'll find out when I meet my maker.  


          I decided to get a little festive when me and my Adam to my Eve wanted to take me out to a jazz restaurant.  Long story short, this place is so poppin' Scott Joplin that there were no free seats (I hope to have a blog post up on it soon).


          So we ended up attending a rustic Southern bar, albeit in a gentrified neighborhood, 🙄 the food was pretty solid.  

          It was my first time drinking with friends (just popped my booz cherry at Thanksgiving 2017 at the tender and impressionable age of 29... whoop whoop!).  So I wanted to be pretty festive.


          I pulled this tribal print jacket out of the back of my closet and prayed for a success.  And actually, it turned out to occupy that vacant space in my heart I was saving for _, which never happened. 😡 


          I matched it with these olive green high waist wide leg trousers from SLNGHR, but honestly, any color in the jacket itself would have worked: red, tan, yellow, or blue.


          I have a habit of taking my other half's shirts and cutting them up.  Although I'm sure this grinds one small part of his gears, it fills my heart to its non-existent rock star content by wearing a faux thrasher shirt.  I just cut the collar asymmetrically.  Boom... you're done.


          I paired it with a thin, understated necklace from BCBG Maxazria.  It still added character since it's asymmetric; it really bought out the neckline of the fit.


          Cheers to new experiences with new and old friends.  A "cheers" I can actually drink to now.  Hope y'all enjoyed this post! ✌🏾


Outfit Details

Tribal Print Jacket: Make Me Chic (purchased last year, sold out now, click here for very similar)

Shirt: Men's Polo Ralph Lauren shirt (click here for pack of 5 shirts; the shirt was cut to be asymmetric, one sleeve rolled, the other loose)

Necklace: BCBG Maxazria (purchased last year, sold out 😔 )

Pants: SLNGHR (sold out 😔 )

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