Outside of My Scrubs: Life Ain't Perfect


          So now that I've decided to be more timely and attentive with my blog, it's required me to capture my outfits in advance of the respective event I want to flaunt them at.  

          But I'll just cut to the chase: I'm an indecisive person, and this outfit is a testament to that.  I change my outfit 5-10 times prior to leaving my house.  However, unlike most, this wardrobe change usually only occurs in my mind, and I can still get ready in 30 minutes or less.  It's a talent... and I gladly accept it.

          So I just took my CREOG exam this past week (the OBGYN's own ITE [In Training Exam]).  Usually, the whole residency program goes out the night after the exam to celebrate surviving yet another mental apocalypse and to possibly ignore the possibility of ummm.... failing.  


          I was supposed to wear this outfit as above, but of course, everything fell through.  The shirt and the pants were a different white, I felt like I was too formal, I felt like the jacket and the clutch clashed together.  So of course, I switched outfits at the last minute.  Whatevzzz.  

          But I still wanted to show the outfit because the story and the message are real: I picked an outfit I didn't like, it clashed, it sucked, it didn't work out for me.  I want to be honest.  I want to show all my struggles as a fashion blogger.  

          Also, you should know, it was too cold and my hair was a mess, so I never got a good pic.  So there you go, there's my sucky life, when juxtaposed to first world standards.  


          This outfit would be great for church, a business lunch/meeting... just wasn't right for me at the aforementioned time.  Let me know what you think down below and if you're interested in seeing more of my faults and pitfalls as a fashion blogger... as a real f'ing human being.  There's too much focus on being perfect in blogs and on social media today so I want to be more transparent and real.  Drop me a comment! Peace!

Outfit Details

Jacket: House of Chic (sold out)

Shirt: Zara

Pants: VerityAnne (custom made)

Necklace: Aldo Accessories

Clutch: Banana Republic

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