Outside of My Scrubs: When They Go Low, We Go High

          So everyone knows I have what one would call, a SLIGHT, obsession with the Obamas.  One time, I went to the bookstore in an Obama shirt, and bought 4 Obama books.  This was shortly after the reign of the best president known to mankind was replaced by a.... shall we say, less formidable candidate, and oh yeah, and it was in Texas.  So the eyes that followed me through the store were most likely not for this outfit I had on that day, but I'd like to think so given my obsession with styling.

          I love this shirt from Served Fresh.  It highlights John 14:27, “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid."  The quote is inspired from the Obama legacy and the courage they instilled in us to continue to strive towards progression, inclusiveness, equality... a dream still seemingly ever-intangible, given our recent verdicts in the Philando Castile and Terence Crutcher cases, and so many other incidences that aren't recounted in the media.  

          Nonetheless, I was still proud to wear the family and their message across my chest, regardless of who holds the coveted seat of the American president.  

          I had been in the business of adding layers to my outfits, and this tunic was the way to go.  It adds layers and complexity to the outfit, but is totally breathable and perfect for summer months in the south.  

          I wanted to pair the white shirt and white tunic with black pants for some contrast, but I outgrew my black pants [inserted annoyed grunt].  

          I originally had on sneakers with the outfit at the store, but I decided to throw on some heels with the look for this shoot for a more day to night transition.  

          Y'all know I recycle like no other, and this bag was a testament to that.  I got it while I was in medical school from The Limited in the clearance section.  Imagine my disgust knowing that it would have tied in my black pants with the white tunic to perfection: it should be crystal clear to picture.  But oh well, sometimes you've just got to keep rolling with the punches! Besides, this is totes #FirstWorldProblems.   

          Both pairs of glasses are from Boga Boga, and online fashion glasses brand.  My faves are the clear frames, as they have a Malcolm X vibe, another influential leader I am proud to emulate.

           As I said, I'm sure I resembled nothing less than an obsessed Obama freak while walking out of that bookstore, but if it's someone or something that I'm proud to be obsessed with, it would definitely be the Obama family and the progressiveness they incessantly stand for.  Take care guys and gals!

Outfit Details

Shirt: ServedFresh.com (click here) - if you use my code "SERVEDBYDRE", you can get 20% off of your order PLUS free shipping!

Tunic: Asos

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Asos

Glasses: Boga Boga (click here)

Clutch: The Limited