Outside of My Scrubs: Bitten by the Brooch Bug

          I have a confession.  I am a thief.  I have always had the habit of stealing my mother's jewelry and style.  The other day a few months back I noted the most beautiful golden leaf brooch in her jewelry box.  You see where this is going: I took it...sorry not sorry.  

          But with it, I took an appreciation of the class and elegance of the brooch.  The problem arose when I went to go and wear my own brooches that I had purchased.  Just like when my boyfriend asks me at what restaurant I want to eat at: I could NOT decide on which one to choose.  The solution was simple: wear them all.  If only the former question could be met with approval with the same inclusivity.  

          Ever since that day months back, I have been mixing and matching brooches into one look.  And just like most things I do with my style, it is met a few side eyes and raised eyebrows.  But in the end, (as per usual), I kept on pushing with what I liked and those side eyes and raised eyebrows were gradually replaced with inquiries of interest.  

          One of my trademarks is recycling old pieces: I'm never going to have the confidence to wear something once and then never again.   I purchased this royal blue blazer from Forever 21 after I graduated college, so about 8 years ago.  And while I love it for is absent lapel, clean lines, and shapely figure, I was dying to incorporate my new found love of brooches above the faux pocket.  

          I was presented with the challenge of finding unique pieces.  So the natural reaction was to improvise.  I took some old earrings that either had a lost mate somewhere in the world of under couches and dust bunnies, or ones that were unique enough to make its own statement, and they soon found their way above my breast pocket.

          Only the gold star in the upper left and the arrow in the bottom right are brooches, the remaining pieces are earrings. 

          Of course, pair anything with a plain white tee, distressed boyfriend jeans, and a tan heel and you've taken home the trophy for casual chic.  

          I was lucky enough to have found this purse from London Dune that matched the shoe perfectly.  I wanted to mute the remaining outfit so as to make my make-shift lapel of trinkets pop.  

          Of course the mass market doesn't support the plethora of women with the decreased waist/bum ratio, so the boyfriend jeans were too big in the waist.  I had the oldest royal blue belt that matched with the blazer to perfection; otherwise, I would have paired it with another than item.  

          I hope this gives you all inspiration to get creative with your favorite pieces! My biggest tip is to find pieces at either the thrift store or to make your own brooches from your favorite pieces... be unique and creative; the world is your playground my love!

Outfit Details

Blazer: Forever 21 (Vintage, purchased 8 years ago) (click here for similar under $30)

White Tee: Zara

Boyfriend Jeans: Zara (click here or here for similar; both under $40 from Fashion Nova, specialize in jeans for small waist and larger hip size)

Belt: A'gaci (click here for similar for $6)

Purse: Asos (click here for similar under $20 or here for similar under $30)

Bracelets: The Limited (store now closed; )

Shoes: Christian Louboutin