Outside of My Scrubs: Last Call for Fall

          FINALLY! Saying buh-bye in the most ignorant way to cold, rainy days, chapped lips, and dry skin that I NEVER notice until I'm already at work and without a drop of lotion in sight.  Deuces to waking up 10 mins early to warm up the car (mainly so I won't have to lie to my mom when she asks me if I did), to both arriving and leaving work when it's dark outside, to drinking diabetes-filled Starbucks so I can stay warm in my call room.   

          Anyone who claims to know me knows I love a good chunky sweater.  It only helps when said chunky sweater is a winter color, like this one in olive green.  

          Anyone who also knows me might also let you in on the fact that I'm not big on showing skin.  I love the beauty that a woman's body houses, naked or clothed.  But there's something so classy about a woman who can entice you... with her clothes on.  The peep shoulder adds some warmth to the sweater, and also adds a touch of sexy, but still maintains the classy.   

          The other day my best friend said I act just like my mother.  Where this might send some of my same age cohort jumping from their skin, this only heightened my self esteem.  My mom, when she was younger and cared, was a fabulous dresser.  She was so classic and chic at the same time, even when going into work to teach inner city school children.  She was a fan of brooches; lately, I have been flocking toward these embellishments.  They are just a simple and easy way to add flare, glam, and a classic touch to any outfit.  This floral brooch was the perfect addition to this outfit; it celebrates spring and adds a warm touch to the sweater.   

         These pants are my fav at the moment.  They are snow white so it brightens and cleans up any look, but the slits at the knees equally bring some grunge to my outfit.  The slits are a clean, one-swipe distress though, so the look doesn't get too funky and junky.  And you can't even see them until you sit down, so it's adds an element of surprise.  

         I know you all have seen this purse before, but what is style if you can't re-style the same piece over and over again? That's just being a follower of trends and a huge waste of money at that point.  The wine color and olive sweater were the perfect send offs to the winter season.  

         Honestly, I'll probably still be arriving and leaving work while it's dark outside (some things never change, no matter the season), but I'm still ready for April showers to make everything new again; I'm ready for sunshine to bloom flowers as I walk by them; I'm ready for brighter colors, brighter smiles; I'm ready for spring, baby! Anyone else excited?

Outfit Details

Sweater: Zara (click here) (click here or here for similar options; for the SheIn option, check reviews first; some items can be fishy sometimes)

White Pants: Zara (click here)

Broche: Zara sale section; $7.99 for a pack of 4; not available anymore; (click here for similar); but honestly; I've used earrings as brooches before so just improvise if you can't find one.

Purse: Zara, not in season anymore (For very similar purse, click here)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (click here)