Outside of My Scrubs: It's Almost Spring...Let's Start Early

          Whether you just expressed your anger through a straightforward frown, or trashed your room in a temper tantrum, you were probably just as disappointed when you learned that Punxsutawney Phil saw his own shadow this past Groundhog's Day.  That's right boys and girls, time to get ready for 6 more weeks of winter.  6 more weeks of cold, heartless, bipolar weather; 6 more weeks of coats covering up your bomb outfit that took you no less than 386 hours to put together; 6 more weeks of you warm-diabetic coma inducing cup of Starbucks you know you don't need, but the weather is forcing you to anyway.  

         Luckily for me, I live in the more forgiving part of the nation, Houston.  This decision meant absolutely nothing to me.  But of those living up north, only one more week of winter! 

          Clearly by the looks of this outfit, I was in the mood to celebrate early.  I was always a more classic black turtle neck, black pant with black leather side panels, black heels, black shades, black earphones....pretty much all black everything, during the winter.  

          I saw this dress on MakeMeChic.com and immediately fell in love.  It struck a nerve that fired my inner wild child.  You know, that girl that lives deep down in all of us that can throw on this dress, drink wheatgrass shakes with a straight face, and then run through a field of flowers and dandelions with Sade's "By Your Side" playing in the background.   Yeah, this is her in this pic.  For funzies, I'm going to call her Layla, it just seems appropriate.  

          I wanted to originally pair this with a peanut butter high waisted belt, but I didn't have one, nor the money, time, or care to find one, so I improvised with this "gold" plated waist belt.  Someone cue Bruno Mar's "24K Magic." However, the belt did keep slipping below my waist, so if you can find a more sturdy belt to pair with this, go for it.  

          I could have paired this with a tan purse to match my kicks, but I wanted to celebrate spring's unique requirement: the presence of bright colors.  

          Looking forward to more experimenting this season! 'Til next time, we almost out'chea! 

Dress: Make Me Chic (sold out; click here for similar)

Belt: A'gaci (sold out; click here for similar or here for another idea)

Purse: Aldo (sold out; click here for similar)

Necklace: Make Me Chic (sold out; click here for similar)

Bracelet: A'gaci (click here)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (click here)