Outside of My Scrubs: Disrespectful Weather

          So, are there any meteorologists out there that can explain to me why it's so cold in Houston as of late? I mean, I left D.C. for a reason (the main one to be closer to the Equator for a happier, warmer life).  But since I had the weekend off, it was a chance for me to rock a little bit of the winter style I had learned while living in D.C.  But don't let this post fool you; when I first moved to D.C., my ignorance to winter and how to dress for it came through crystal clear when I had to walk home from downtown in whirring winds and misting rain with nothing on but a tank top, skinnies, and sandals.  It only took me 4 years to not only learn how to dress for winter, but to save up for winter and transition pieces that were my style.  Oh, to be broke and in med school.

         Because I had some "errands" to run (really to just get distracted in Sephora and pick up some much needed toilet paper), and pending plans with the line sisters later, I planned for a day look that could easily be transitioned into a night outfit.  So, I layered on my knee-length white tunic with a pair of black skinnies and my black leather jacket.  Simple enough, (which is perfect for me), but the cold weather and a need for more color and texture made me take it a step further.  Because I've never really been into color, I thought that my scarf with a few pops of green, yellow, and pinks through floral accents would be the perfect touch for a adding a hint of life into my outfit.  But as you know (or for those that live in Houston), the weather NEVER stays the same throughout the day here, so eventually, that scarf had to G-O... go! The weather warmed up as I was out spending money at Sephora that I very well should have been saving.  But whatevs, perfume is a bare necessity, right? Luckily, I had on some hoops and an envelope clutch with a shoulder chain to keep things interesting. 

          Sorry I couldn't take better pics guys, a nap after a long week in the hospital and the aforementioned necessary-but-unnecessary-shopping-trip was practically calling my name!

Outfit Details:

Earrings - Top Shop

Scarf - Forever 21 or H&M (Sorry, got this 3-4 years ago, so I can't remember which)

Tunic - Missguided

Pants - The Limited

Jacket - Zara

Purse - Aldo

Shoes - ASOS