Outside of My Scrubs: I Overshoot It...Every Time

          We were just going to Luby's, that's it.  I had one task, to dress like a normal human being, and I failed.  For those not native to the greatest state in the land, known as Texas, Luby's is a cafeteria fit for sweats, joggers, and messy buns scattered amongst canes and the smell of Bengay.  Trust me, it's no fancy place.  It's my mom's favorite eatery, we have a tradition where we eat there together regularly.  

          Somehow I went from just jeans and a T-shirt with some hoops, to all denim, heels, (and as if I couldn't do any more), a statement necklace and color-blocked purse.   The necklace and clutch were perfect additions actually, because I wanted to be lazy, but I ended up being unable to resist adding them in.  


          I "nerded" it up with my glasses.  I got three pairs, originally to function as my surgical specs in the operating room, but also for fun in my spare time.  My style is heavily influenced by the 1950-1970's, so the frames are perfection!  

          A little much for the average person, but as you can see from my attire and the aforementioned scenario, "too much" is not in my vocabulary.  I mean, I'd wear a ball gown to buy toilet paper if I could.  

          It was cool though, 'cause I just convinced everyone to go to Pappadeaux: my favorite cajun restaurant, but more appropriately, a place more accepting of my attire.  

         Lesson learned: You can never go wrong with all denim, just dress or up with a statement piece, like a necklace, clutch, glasses, (or all three), and don't wear it to a cafeteria, where, no doubt, the food is good, but also reminiscent of a nursing home reeking of moth balls.  I love you Luby's! :)

Outfit Details

Shirt: Forever 21, bought several years ago (for similar shirt, click here)

Pants: Bui-Yah-Kah, no longer in business

Necklace: Aldo (sold here; for similar, click here)

Clutch: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden, not in season anymore (For similar shoes, click here)

Rings: Forever 21 and Aldo Accessories

Glasses: Nakayla's Jewelry Box (click here)

Photos by: Pharris Photography.  Please check out Josh and Kariss Pharris's photography on their Instagram (@pharrisphotos), or at their website: http://www.pharrisphotos.com.  They are a black, Christian family making great moves!

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