Outside of My Scrubs: How to Style a Skater Midi Skirt for the Clinic

           A lot of residents don't get that excited about clinic like I do.  "Oh boy, another day of hustling and bustling, in and out of patient rooms, and immediate charting," is what seems to come out of their mouths as most drag into the clinic with scrubs and their long white coats.  

           Sure, clinic can be a doozy, but it doesn't have to be boring.   I see clinic as a time to express my individuality, my creative being, my artistic soul! Most choose to wear scrubs underneath the coat, but that will never be my go-to apparel of choice.  This is the ONE TIME a week (If i'm lucky enough to get that), that I get to dress up and feel like a woman again! And maybe it's because I've grown to have a slight obsession with clothes, but clinic day is NEVER a day that I pass up to show off my wardrobe! 

           Lately I've had, once again, that slight obsession, with skater midi dresses! There is just something about its narrow waist that cinches your midline, wide flare at the knee that gives mystery to one's curves, and knee-length hem that gives a fun and classy 1930's vibe to the whole look! I own about 4 now, and every time I wear one in clinic, I always walk out with the most compliments, but also questions on how I style it, so I knew I had to share some of the ways I style mine!  


           Anytime I hear 1930's and 40's, wrap shirts aren't too far from mind.  

          That's why a wrap with a skater midi can never go wrong!

         Now my wrap blouse is on the shorter side, so I have to pair mine with a high-waisted wrap belt to keep my shirt in place.  

          And because this skirt is black and white, I made sure to add a pop of color with my shirt.  Of course, you can never go wrong with a black or white top, either.  

          And because there is an open neck line with a wrap skirt, I typically choose to wear and embellished necklace.  


          Because these skater midi skirts can be so structured and perfect, sometimes a little bit of funk to the outfit is a necessity.  An asymmetrical top is just the way to go.  

          As I said earlier, if you skirt airs on the side of monotony as far as color, then a pop of color, especially red, can really catch a few eyes.  

          And I'm not really into make up, but a red lip to compliment a red top is never a bad idea.  


          Now I know most who are still building their wardrobe might not have access to the first two options.  But of course, you can never steer wrong with a classic button up.  The white button up is classic, and while I'm all in support of the classics, sometimes you just gotta have some fun.  I love pairing my jean top whenever I am opting for a classic button up, but need to add some texture.  

          And lately, I've been popping my collar up with any bottom (be it skirt or pants), for a more fun addition to my look! It always works...

         Because my collar is popped, I added another embellished necklace to the look, especially since I'm in clinic and want to fill my open neckline with something that will take the attention above my bust line. 

          Have you guys ever styled a skater midi skirt for clinic, or just on the street? What are your ways of doing so? Let a girl know so I can steal them and try them out for myself! ;)


Yellow Wrap Shirt: Forever 21 (bought this YEARS ago, like 7-8 years ago)

Jean Shirt: Forever 21 (purchased 4 years ago)

Red Asymmetrical Top: Zara

Skirt: Chic Wish 

Shoes: ASOS

Belts: White House Black Market

First Necklace: Zara

Second Necklace: Aldo


Photos by: Pharris Photography.  Please check out Josh and Kariss Pharris's photography on their Instagram (@pharrisphotos), or at their website: http://www.pharrisphotos.com.  They are a black, Christian family making great moves!

***Any images used may or may not be solely my own.  Any borrowed images have been cited as not my own, and no plagiarism was intended.***

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