The Black List: Top Black-Owned Businesses to Support on Black Friday

Photo of the Williams Dreamland Theatre, a black owned theater, operated and run by John and Loula Willams.  It seated 750 audience members and was located in Greenwood of Tulsa, Oklahoma, also known as Black Wall Street.  Photo courtesy of:  

Photo of the Williams Dreamland Theatre, a black owned theater, operated and run by John and Loula Willams.  It seated 750 audience members and was located in Greenwood of Tulsa, Oklahoma, also known as Black Wall Street.  Photo courtesy of:  

          So you're stuffed from fried turkey, 10 different kinds of dressing (AKA "stuffing" if you ain't real ;] ), and "beans, greens, potatahs, tomatahs..." (thanks Shirley Ceasar), maybe more.  Despite the "itis" settling in slowly but surely, one thing is for certain: that you will be up for some light warfare known as Black Friday this weekend.  

          While I long for an organized effort amongst my oppressed and fatigued brothers and sisters to completely support black-owned businesses this Black Friday, I also realize the shaky ground composed of tempting sales upon which this desire rests.  Now I ain't trying to ruin one's appetite for tomorrow, but please remember that we were maimed, lynched, and killed while we watched Black Wall Street burn to its final embers in 1921.  If you can support multi-billion dollar corporations and stores, then I would hope you could muster up the strength to support a group of people still climbing the latter of justice, trying to reach half the equality obtained by our more fair-skinned counterparts.  It is ten times harder to obtain a loan to start a business, and twenty times harder finding a loyal customer base to support said business if you are black... point, blank, and the period to follow.  These two reasons alone are the mainstays of why one should support black owned businesses, even not on Black Friday.  

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

         Now I ain't just gonna leave you hanging! Below are the five BEST black owned businesses that I have ordered from.  Please consider supporting them this holiday season!

1. Fro Butter

          How's your fro doing? Oh, it's drying out 'cause this winter "wonderland" weather is STRAIGHT disrespectful and stripping your hair of moisture? Oh ok well you knew that was going to happen.  This line of handmade, natural, and organic shea butters is the business... no pun intended.  It's run by Susana Stewart and Colina Maina, two black women inspired to make an organic, yet affordable shea butter for their natural hair.  YALL...this butter is SOOOOO luxurious! The consistency is CRAZY smooth and whipped! I moisturize my hair and seal my ends with the Peppermint flavored Fro Butter EVERY WINTER, and this is a MUST if you are natural! This is where I have experienced the most growth retention in the winter.  But you don't only have to use it for your hair; I use it to control that winter ash (-_-), and I sometimes use it as a chapstick.  But what's hilarious is that, despite how often I use it, I have had the same jar of butter for the past two years! I've still got half of the jar to go! Trust me, it's worth the $15 per jar.  Just know they also have trial sizes to try if you want to experiment with the different kinds.  Also, their website is so professional and easy to navigate, and I received my order so quickly! Moisturized natural hair and black professionalism??? This business HAD to be on my list! Check them out here, or at the link below!  Their website is  

2. House of Chic LA

          Now listen, I hate to toot my own horn, but every time I wear one of my orders from this boutique, I look pretty darn amazing.  Life is TOO short to dress like everyone else; one thing I absolutely LOATHE is seeing myself twice when I'm out and about.  Run by two GORGEOUS babes, Tawana and Coley, this boutique gives you ANYTHING but ordinary.  Their pieces are so classy and chic, but still push the edge on "edgy." Another thing that gets my gears a'grinding is when I order something that I think is my size, but it ends up drowning me because I was born vertically challenged.  The clothes at this boutique always fit me like a glove! The pieces are so unique, and always ship in a short amount of time.  I will say, that their prices can be a little up there, but for the quality of clothes that one gets, I never feel like I got the short end of the financial stick.  Below are just a few of my favorite pieces!

          Check them out here, or at their website:

3.  Nakayla's Jewelry Box

          Y'all remember when I mentioned my pet peeve for being caught with the same clothes as someone else? Well, the same goes for accessories.  I LOVE this boutique! Trust me when I say, if you are in scrubs all day, you NEED some of these pieces to spice up your look! I am such a statement necklace on top of my scrubs kind of girl, and I found some of my favorites here.  I also recently lost my surgical goggles, so I decided to be functional and fashionable at the same time and bought some clear frames from this site.  Now I can operate in style!

          I have gotten so many compliments (and a few side eyes for being so vain at work lol), but mostly compliments on these glasses! I also HAVE to emphasize the care she takes to package each individual piece.  I bought three pairs of shades and each was individually wrapped with care.  

          Upgrade your life with her pieces here, or at her website:!

4. Andrea Iyamah Swimwear

          Mm-kay so I know that everywhere else in the world, it's not swimwear season; but in Houston it is! As a pool-wear connoisseur myself, trust me when I say that you can never go wrong buying swimwear in the winter.  Be fiscally responsible, and buy them on sale during the holiday season.  Also, don't count out wearing your swimwear in the winter.  You can wear your bikini tops underneath sheer tops, underneath blazers, and/or with palazzo pants and you are totes being fashion forward.  This posh line of was created by the talented Dubemi Iyamah.  I know y'all are growing weary of the whole "unique pieces" argument I continue to present, but this Nigerian designer's pieces are truly one of a kind! Don't be completely discouraged if you can't partake in the whole "wearing swim wear during the winter" trend.  There is a preview to the Spring/Summer 2017 runway line that is up on the website, featuring more everyday chic wear.  My purchases also came in the CUTEST beach satchel... how thoughtful is that?

           Dive into these amazing pieces here or online at

5. The Mane Choice

          Y'all already know the resident life is stressful.  For whenever I am in a space of stress, food deprivation, and dehydration, I always use The Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair vitamins.  They not only replace nutritional deficiencies I may have, but they also decrease the amount of shedding that I may get from said stress.  Created by a black nurse, Courtney Adeleye, and her husband, a medical doctor, her products have the foundation of science to back up the amazing results that I, myself have seen.  While I do see some growth while taking the vitamins, my main focus is always if I have decreased shedding.  She also has a hair line, which while I haven't tried myself, I have heard only great reviews.  Get your mane together with The Mane Choice!

          Get your growth on at their website here at their website:

          So there you have it: my favorite black-owned businesses thus far.  Please leave any BOB's that you know of (or that you may own yourself) down below.  I will be back with more when I find more! Let's all share the wealth and circulate that black power and black dollar! Please, please, please! Support black businesses this Black Friday! Happy spending and supporting!

***Any images used may or may not be solely my own.  Any borrowed images have been cited as not my own, and no plagiarism was intended.***

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