The Smell of Success: My Favorite Perfumes for the Hospital

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          Y'all wanna hear a little ditty? So I'm rounding on my GYN oncology patients (patients with gynecologic, AKA pelvic cancers), and the patient tells me in front of my fellow how lovely I smell.  While I'm reveling in the fact that someone so sick can find it in her heart to be so kind and complement someone else, my fellow, (In all her spirit-ruining glory) says, "Well, we shouldn't be wearing perfumes that the patients can smell, so that's a mistake on our part." 😑

          First off, can you let me live? Like, can I shower in the morning or nah?


          Secondly, while she's got a point, I shall NOT...... come to work smelling like old pocket lint and molding hospital hallways.  You tried it....and failed, miserably.  

          I mean I get it; loud and lingering perfume smells can def make your patients nauseous, cause headaches... they may even be allergic.  But for Christ's sake: y'all won't let me wear shellac nail polish (I do anyway 😉), I can't wear heavy make up (not that I want to, I gotta mind my acne), and I have to be in frumpy pajamas known as scrubs all day.  Sooo, do you want me to look like a scalleywag EVERY damn day of the week?! And then ON TOP OF that, smell like I shower twice a month?

          I found a compromise.  I like for my patients to know that I'm so fresh and so clean, but I also don't want to be the reason they crump over and fall more ill.  And since I get so many, "You smell lovely, what are you wearing" from patients and hospital staff members alike, I thought I would share the perfumes that helped me to meet in the middle.  



1. Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

          If you smell this perfume or the next coming down the's me!  It's super sweet smelling but it's also very musky so it can double as a bedtime scent.  Be careful with layering this one though with the body wash and lotion.  It can get pretty loud if you do! I use the perfume only unless I'm going somewhere outside of work.



2. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

          Once again, this perfume is ME! I've been wearing it for ~8 years now and I love it the same as when I first bought it.  It's super fresh and clean like linen, but is also sweet with a hint of citrus.  I keep this in my bathroom, in my gym bag, and in my work bag.  Be careful with layering this one as well!



3. Iced Freesia by Zara


          I'm sad to say Zara doesn't sell this anymore; but y'all, when I tell you this is the THE perfume to wear if you love sweet and minty / peppermint smells, I wouldn't tell you a lie.  Try finding it on Amazon if you're interested.  



4. Sugar Lychee by Fresh


          Super sweet and citrus smelling! It can get super loud (and it's kinda pricey) though so only a few sprays if you're going into the wards!



5. L'Imperatrice by Dolce and Gabbana


          This scent is super light, citrus-y, and floral.  Because it's super light, I have to give a generous amount of sprays.  Because of this and the fact that it's kind of rare to find, I don't wear it that often.  But it's still one of my faves!



6. Pure White by Banana Republic

          Give me anything with bergamot in it and I am going to fall in love.  This has bergamot, green tea, grapefruit, and amber in it! Yummy! It also comes in a candle!



7. Lovely Dreamer by Bath and Body Works

           So lucky I found this last weekend.  It's totes a dupe for #6.  You've got to layer this one with the shower gel and body cream if you want this to last all day.  They also have a kaolin clay body scrub that's pretty amazing if you're interested!



8. Yellow Diamond by Versace

          Smells like pure linen.  A trick I use is to use this lotion and then to spray #3 on top.  That way, I smell super fresh and clean from this scent, but also sweet and minty from the Iced Freesia.



9. Stella by Stella McCartney


          Super sweet but tangy.  It's an acquired smell I will admit, so I don't wear this one often; but every once in a while I re-smell it and I just HAVE to wear it!


10. Daisy by Marc Jacobs


          Super floral but also super sweet! It's really light so I just use the rollerball to freshen up every once in a while throughout the day.  


          I shouldn't be asking this because I literally have every perfume known to mankind in my house; but hey, YOLO! (Do people still say that?) Any perfumes you guys recommend trying?